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Home News Europe Almost 70% of Employed Persons in the EU27 Worked in the Service Sector in 2011

Almost 70% of Employed Persons in the EU27 Worked in the Service Sector in 2011
added: 2012-10-12

According to the latest Labour Force Survey, almost 70% of employed persons (which includes both employees and self-employed) in the EU27 worked within the service sector in 2011, compared with 62% in 2000. Market services, such as trade, transportation, financial activities etc. accounted for 39% of persons employed in 2011, while mainly non-market services, such as public administration, education, health etc. accounted for 30%. The industry and construction sector accounted for 25% and agriculture for 5%.

Nearly 40% of employed persons worked in industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

There is a considerable difference between Member States when comparing employment by sector. For agriculture, the share varied from less than 2% of persons employed in Malta, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany to 29% in Romania, 13% in Poland and 12% in Greece.

For industry, the proportions ranged from 13% in Luxembourg and 17% in the Netherlands to 38% in the Czech Republic and 37% in Slovakia. In the market services sector, the shares varied from 26% in Romania and 34% in Poland to 45% in Ireland and Cyprus. For mainly non-market services, the proportions ranged from 16% in Romania and 22% in Bulgaria to 42% in Luxembourg and 38% in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Weekly working hours for full-time employees ranged between 37.7 hours in Denmark to 42.2 hours in the United Kingdom

On average in the EU27, employees working full-time usually worked 40.4 hours a week in 2011, with women averaging 39.3 hours and men 41.1 hours.

The longest weekly working hours for full-time employees were observed in the United Kingdom (42.2 hours), Austria (41.8), Cyprus and Portugal (both 41.1), and the shortest in Denmark (37.7), Ireland (38.4), Italy (38.8) and the Netherlands (39.0). In all Member States, men had longer working hours than women among full-time employees.

Share of employees with fixed term contracts ranged from 2% in Romania to 27% in Poland

The proportion of employees having a contract of limited duration in the EU27 increased from 12% in 2000 to 15% in 2007 and then dropped slightly to 14% in 2011. Female employees (15%) had a slightly higher proportion of fixed term contracts than men (14%) in 2011.

The share of employees having a contract of limited duration varied considerably between Member States, with the highest shares in Poland (27% of employees), Spain (25%) and Portugal (22%), and the lowest in Romania (2%), Lithuania (3%), Bulgaria and Estonia (both 4%).

Source: Eurostat

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