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EU27 Surplus in International Trade in Goods with South Africa up to 6 Billion Euro in 2012
added: 2013-07-17

After the decline in EU27 trade in goods with South Africa observed in 2009, exports recovered strongly to reach a peak of 26.6 billion euro in 2012, while imports grew more slowly to reach 20.5 bn in 2012, still below the peak of 24.6 bn in 2008. As a result, EU27 trade with South Africa registered a surplus of 6.1 bn in 2012, compared with +1.3 bn in 2010 and +4.4 bn in 2011.

Germany largest EU27 exporter to South Africa, and the United Kingdom largest importer

Among the EU27 Member States, Germany (8.8 bn euro or 33% of EU27 exports) was by far the largest exporter to South Africa in 2012, followed by the United Kingdom (4.1 bn or 16%), the Netherlands (2.5 bn or 9%) and France (2.0 bn or 7%). The United Kingdom (7.5 bn or 36% of EU27 imports) was the largest importer, followed by Germany (4.1 bn or 20%), the Netherlands (2.2 bn or 11%) and Belgium (1.9 bn or 9%). The highest surpluses in trade with South Africa in 2012 were observed in Germany (+4.7 bn) and France (+1.3 bn), and the largest deficit in the United Kingdom (-3.4 bn).

Surplus of 2.6 bn euro for international trade in services in 2011

Exports of services between the EU27 and South Africa increased slightly in 2011 compared with 2010, while imports fell. In 2011, the EU27 exported 7.1 bn euro of services to South Africa, while imports amounted to 4.5 bn. As a result, the EU27 recorded a surplus of 2.6 bn in trade in services with South Africa in 2011, compared with a surplus of 2.2 bn in 2010 and of 1.9 bn in 2009. South Africa accounted for just over 1% of extra-EU27 international trade in services in 2011.

EU27 net investor in South Africa

EU27 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows into South Africa are significantly larger than South African flows into the EU27. EU27 foreign direct investments in South Africa stood at 1.5 bn euro in 2011, compared with 7.1 bn in 2010 and 10.8 bn in 2009. South Africa recorded disinvestment with the EU27 of 2.0 bn in 2011, compared with investment of 0.3 bn in 2010 and 0.9 bn in 2009.

Source: Eurostat

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