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EU27 Surplus of 9 bn Euro in Trade in Goods with Ukraine in 2012
added: 2013-02-25

EU27 international trade in goods with Ukraine grew strongly from 2000 to 2008, then fell sharply in 2009 before partially recovering between 2010 and 2012. While EU27 exports to Ukraine more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2012, from 5.5 billion euro in 2000 to 23.8 bn in 2012, imports from Ukraine tripled, from 4.8 bn in 2000 to 14.6
bn in 2012. Since 2000, the EU27 has always recorded a trade surplus with Ukraine, increasing from 0.6 bn in 2000 to a peak of 10.5 bn in 2008, and then reaching 9.3 bn in 2012. Ukraine accounted for around 1% of the EU27’s total trade in goods in 2012, and was the EU27's 22nd most important trading partner.

Germany, Poland and Italy largest trading partners of Ukraine amongst Member States

Among the EU27 Member States, Germany (5.7 bn euro or 24% of EU exports) was the largest exporter to Ukraine in 2012, followed by Poland (4.1 bn or 17%), Hungary (1.8 bn or 8%) and Italy (1.7 bn or 7%). Italy (2.3 bn or 16% of EU imports) was the largest importer, followed by Poland (2.0 bn or 14%) and Spain (1.6 bn or 11%).

The largest surpluses in trade with Ukraine in 2012 were observed in Germany (+4.5 bn) and Poland (+2.1 bn), and the largest deficit in Spain (-1.2 bn).

A surplus of 1.7 bn in EU27 trade in services with Ukraine in 2011

EU27 exports of services to Ukraine increased from 3.8 bn euro in 2010 to 4.1 bn in 2011, while imports decreased from 2.5 bn to 2.4 bn, meaning that the EU27 had a surplus of 1.7 bn with Ukraine in 2011, compared with +1.3 bn in both 2010 and 2009.

EU27 foreign investment stocks in Ukraine amounted to 24 bn in 2011

EU27 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stocks in Ukraine increased from 14.2 bn euro in 2008 to 23.7 bn in 2011, while foreign investment stocks of Ukraine in the EU27 decreased from 2.6 bn to 2.0 bn over the same period.

Source: Eurostat

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