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Second-Hand Car Purchases Bring Greater Savings to Drivers
added: 2008-11-11 has uncovered the top ten cheapest car makes and models to insure in the UK, illustrating the best car insurance deal for second-hand drivers, together with the best value quotes for an average driver across a range of popular makes and models in the UK.

Top ten cheapest second-hand cars to insure with are:

1. Smart
2. Citroen C1
3. Fiat Seicento
4. Renault Clio
5. Skoda Fabia
6. Suzuki Wagon R
7. Toyota Aygo
8. Volkswagen Fox Urban
9. Nissan Micra
10. Peugeot 107

Buying a second-hand car brings savings to customers wishing to insure their car, as ultimately the cost of replacement is lower due to greater depreciation. The model and make of your car can bring even greater savings, as this study of cars made in 2003 shows, using price comparison site

To highlight the difference a make and model makes to car insurance, took an example of a man, aged 32, living in Birmingham, with one previous speeding conviction. In addition, the quote took into account a full no claims discount, together with voluntary excess of 300 GBP, for a car with mileage of 10,000 per year, kept on the drive. The study also compared the costs of other insurers, for the same scenario, and the results were often two or three times greater in price. The RAC frequently came up as an insurer with premiums often over three times the cost of's policy prices.

The results showed the cheapest car to insure with is the Smart Pure, coming in at 350.84 GBP per year and the family car the Volvo V70 as the most expensive at 581.95 GBP per year. Despite being more expensive than the BMW and Mercedes, the Volvo was still much cheaper with than the rival quote from LV, which was over double the price.

Commenting on these results, Tina Shortle, marketing director at, said: "With the current downturn in new car sales, together with a general feeling of caution amongst consumers, was curious to see where it stood in terms of offering value to its customers when it comes to insuring second-hand cars. Many of the premiums of our rivals were nearly 200 per cent higher, for the same case scenario, so we were reassured that our pricing structure still manages to give the best possible value to those insured with - particularly in these hard-pressed times."

The latest car figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) showed a steep decline in new car registrations, with September figures down by 21.2% compared with the previous 12 months, to just 330,295 units. It is clear that consumer caution has been driven by the current credit crunch - interestingly.

Source: PR Newswire

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