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An Overview of the Agricultural Sector in Figures
added: 2013-11-13

Which Member States are the biggest producers of wheat, maize or barley? How much cow’s milk is collected by dairies in the EU? Which Member States produce the most drinking milk, cheese, butter or cream? And which produce the most meat from cattle, pigs or poultry? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in the 2013 edition of the Pocketbook on agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

France produces a quarter of cereals in the EU28

In the EU28 in 2012, 285.0 million tonnes of cereals were produced. Since the production of cereals is highly dependent on weather conditions, it is interesting not only to observe one year, but a longer time period. Looking back, there was a peak of 320.5 mn tonnes in 2008, then production fell to 301.4 mn in 2009 and 283.5 mn in 2010 and then remained more stable in 2011 and 2012.

Among the 285.0 mn tonnes of cereals produced in the EU28 in 2012, 126.0 mn or 44% was common wheat, 60.1 mn or 21% was grain maize, 55.0 mn or 19% was barley and 9.1 mn or 3% was rye and maslin.

France (68.5 mn tonnes, 24% of total EU28 production) was the largest producer of cereals in the EU28, followed by Germany (45.4 mn or 16%), Poland (28.5 mn or 10%), the United Kingdom (19.5 mn or 7%), Italy (19.0 mn or 7%) and Spain (17.5 mn or 6%).

France was the main producer of common wheat (28% of total EU28 production), grain maize (26%) and barley (21%), while Germany (43%) and Poland (35%) were the main producers of rye and maslin.

The United Kingdom largest producer of drinking milk, Germany largest producer of cheese, cream and butter

In the EU28 in 2012, 140.2 mn tonnes of cow’s milk was collected by dairies. The largest quantity of cow’s milk was collected in Germany (29.7 mn tonnes, 21% of total EU28 production), followed by France (24.2 mn or 17%), the United Kingdom (13.6 mn or 10%), the Netherlands (11.7 mn or 8%) and Italy (10.6 mn or 8%).

Among the dairy products produced from this milk, were 32.0 mn tonnes of drinking milk, 9.3 mn of cheese, 2.5 mn of cream and 2.1 mn of butter. The United Kingdom (6.9 mn tonnes or 22% of total EU28 production), Germany (5.3 mn or 16%), France (3.6 mn or 11%), Spain (3.5 mn or 11%) and Italy (2.6 mn or 8%) produced the most drinking milk. Germany was the largest producer of cheese (23%), cream (21%) and butter (23%) in the EU28, followed by France (21%, 16% and 20% respectively).

Source: Eurostat

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